SHINE SHINE BODY MIST (CLEAR) | Next Fragrance Staple


Shine Shine Mist will be your next fragrance staple! Sparkle up your body this Summer with our Shine Shine Mists.
Take in your chosen scent, as your skin starts to shine bright and make you glow all day.

And if you do not want any shimmer in your mist then no worries! just select the "clear" version in the options section.

Shake the bottle very well
Press the ON button, situated on the neck of the spray nozzle.
Spray on preferred areas (legs, arms, collarbone, etc)
Allow a few minutes for the alcohol to evaporate and for the shimmers to dry up and settle.

Could stain clothes so please, be careful while spraying.

SIZE: 100 ml

Perfume Alcohol, Water, Fragrance Oil, Shimmer, Pigment